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How to preview a vehicle at an Auto Auction:

  • Begin by walking completely around the vehicle for a “visual” inspection. Upon completion of this, look closely at any areas that may have damage. Determine if the vehicle's exterior meets your standards and expectations.
  • Open the trunk, hood compartment and all doors. Confirm that all these items open and close properly. Inspect the interior of the vehicle to ensure that it meets your standards and expectations.
  • Start the engine and let it idle while listening for any noises, squeaks or rattles. If anything sounds unusual, investigate until you are satisfied and have enough information to make a buying decision.
  • While the vehicle is idling, engage the transmission to confirm that it engages in both “drive” and “reverse”. If the opportunity exists, take the car for short test drive within the time parameters, designated area, and speed limit on the auction property. UAA speed limit is 5 MPH on the premises. No TEST DRIVES AFTER 5:00pm.
  • Once your examination is complete, utilize all the data gathered, research the market and book values, and determine your target acquisition price. Make sure to factor in the auction fees when setting a target price. Always know your target price range before you enter the “live” auction

The light system at an Auction:

Above the auctioneer there is a light system. Make sure you look to see what light(s) are illuminated and that you understand what they mean.

  • "GREEN" Light - the seller represents that the vehicle is sound and subject to all arbitration policies.
  • "RED" Light - the vehicle is being sold "as is" mechanically. Please review arbitration policies and procedures for a more detailed explanation.
  • "YELLOW" Light - listen to the announcement made by the auctioneer. The selling dealer must announce any item subject to arbitration, when these items are announced; they are no longer subject to arbitration. All other items not announced may be arbitrated if they fall in arbitration guidelines.
  • "BLUE" Light - assignable title does not accompany the vehicle; seller has 14 business days to provide an assignable title to the auction. Please review auction policies and procedures for a more detailed explanation.
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