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Upstate Auto Auction Welcomes Public Individuals
Dealer information
Buyers have the advantage buying vehicles at Wholesale prices here at Upstate Auto Auction.
Upstate Auto Auction is a dealer and public auction offering traded, repossessed and donated vehicles in a large variety of year/make/model and price.

1) Valid drivers license or Passport. (Must be at least 18 years old)
2) $500 (Cash only) - No checks or debit/credit cards excepted.
3) Individuals may register at 2:00 pm. (You cannot be on our lot without a bidder badge)
4) Only ONE (1) guest per bidder badge. Guests pay a $10 non -refundable fee. (No children under the age of fourteen (14) allowed on premises due to insurance reasons)

** You are responsible for understanding all rules, policies, and auction procedures. 

** You have until 1:00 pm on Fridays to pay the remainder of the balance for all purchases. If payment is not received your $500 cash deposit is not refunded and the deal is forfeited.

(((CLICK HERE))) to download your Individual application
The auction takes place every Thursday at 4pm.
Lot purchases are available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9am-4pm(you must have a deposit to view inventory)
The lot is closed Tuesday due to inventory reset.

Past Events

Memorial Day Sale


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