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Light System

The auction uses a standardized light system developed by the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) to describe the condition and/or announcements related to the vehicle being sold.

Green Light - "O.K."/ "Ride and Drive"

  • Vehicle is sold with a test drive. Seller declares the vehicle to be mechanically sound and subject to all arbitration policies. Vehicle must be Arbitrated 1hour after time of purchase.

Yellow Light – Announced Conditions

  • Note that an announcement made under the yellow light will limit arbitration of this vehicle.

Red Light – "As Is"

  • Vehicle is sold "As Is" and NOT subject to arbitration for any reason other than odometer problem, salvage titles, salvage history, flood or frame damage.
  • Auction must be notified of frame damage, odometer discrepancies, salvage title, salvage history, or flood damage within seven days following the sale.

Blue Light -"Title Attached" aka Title Delay

  • Assignable title does not accompany vehicle, seller has fourteen (14) business days to produce good transferable title/paperwork. Vehicles lacking lien release must be sold "title attached". North Carolina DMV Rules and Regulations apply.
  • Buyer is cautioned not to spend money on a vehicle, not to excessively drive the vehicle and not to damage the vehicle and not to sell or transfer the vehicle until title is received.
  • After the 14 business day period, it is the buyer’s option to either return the vehicle to the auction or to wait a reasonable additional period of time for the title. Time period must be approved by the auction.
  • If the title has been mailed to the buyer or received by the auction, then the buyer may not return the vehicle.
  • In the event that the title is not received to the auction within the 14 business day period, special arrangements must be made 24 hours PRIOR to the vehicle being returned.

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