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Dealer information

We appreciate the opportunity to sell vehicles here at Upstate Auto Auction. To better serve you, we ask for that sellers read the following guidelines increasing the chances of selling your vehicle at our sale. We want every seller to be rewarded when doing business with Upstate Auto Auction. 

1. Please make reservations before Tuesday at 12pm.for earlier lane positions 
2. Please register your vehicles no later than 5pm to avoid last minute rush.
3. Please use integrity and fair trade when representing and selling your vehicle.
4. Please report any announcements, mechanical issues and mileage discrepancies to the registration clerk at time of vehicle registration or call your Sales Representative for assistance. 
5. Vehicles sold with a Green Light  aka "WITH A DRIVE" are subject to Arbritration
6. No vehicle will be registered if VIN plates are damaged, missing or if vehicle show signs of malicious activity.
7. Vehicles with inoperable odometer clusters or no odometer readings will not be sold at our sale.
8. Seller have 14 business days to present Titles for vehicles sold at our sale. *** No Title Attached Fees***
9. Sellers are charged $15.00 Registration Fees for vehicles Sold. ***NO SALE! NO FEE!
10. Sellers please do not leave valuables or vehicle accessorries inside the vehicles. Upstate Auto Auction will not be responsible for stolen items, fire, or accidents of any vehicles located on the premises.

We appreciate your cooperation in assisting us with providing better service to you the seller and the buyers. 

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