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Upstate Auto Auction is a public auction specialized with selling vehicles from area dealerships and finance companies.
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Vehicle Arbitration Policy

Upstate Auto Auction follows the NAAA Arbitration Guidelines. Vehicles that have any of the following defects, conditions, or discrepancies that were not disclosed or announced at the time of sale may be arbitrated. Buyer must complete arbitration one (1) hour after time of purchase.

1. Current year models with paint or body work. Current year is determined by calendar year, beginning January 1 and continuing through December 31.

2. Frame Damage (including rust) or frame repairs must be announced, rotted out floor sections, and rotted truck cab supports are considered the same as frame damage and must be announced and sold "as is". The auction will not be involved with a frame damaged vehicle after seven days from the date of sale at the auction.

3. Motor, Transmission, Clutch, Rear End, Steering Rack and Pinion.

4. Front ends on front wheel drive and 4 wheel drive vehicles. Any air conditioning system on vehicles 5 years old or newer not functioning normally.

5. Nonstandard engines or transmissions, altered or missing emission equipment, or major exceptions to original or advertised production specifications must be announced.

6. Broken, replaced or altered odometers must be announced as "True Miles Unknown" if applicable.

7. Twenty-five percent (25%) damage disclosure statement: if applicable.

8. After any accepted adjustment, the unit automatically becomes an "as is" with no further arbitration for any defects.

9. "Airbag" restraint system, their presence, absence or workability will be an arbitration consideration. (Auction offers no warranty to buyer dealing with this type of equipment.)

10. Visible defects are not arbitrational. (e.g. blow by, oil leaks, smoking, etc.)

11. Differential Rear End: No rejection for wear, noise or vibration in driveline, universal joints, C.V. joints, or differential (rear end) including front wheel drive backlash, noise in transaxle or vibration if vehicle has over 70,000 miles.

12. Singular repairs of more than $500.


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