Upstate Auto Auction

Dealer Information

Upstate Auto Auction is a public auction specialized with selling vehicles from area dealerships and finance companies.
Dealer information
Vehicle Registration

1. We begin taking reservations beginning Monday morning of each week

2.  Vehicles left at the auction be assigned numbers for the next sale. All others will need to request numbers no later than Tuesday at 12:00 for requesting certain lanes. After 12:00 pm Tuesday,  dealers will receive the next available reservation.

3. All vehicles should be registered before Thursday for customer viewing and presale listings.

4. There will be a $15 registration fee assessed to each sold vehicle that runs through the sale. NO SALE, NO FEE!

5. Please check in the vehicle with the Registration Department Representative to insure accurate registration of your vehicle.

6. No public individuals are allowed to sell at our location due to SC state laws.

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