Individual Public Buyer Information

You are responsible for understanding
the rules and auction procedures.

  • Lot opens every
    Thursday at 2pm
  • Registration is
    required before entering
  • No children
    Under 14 are allowed


  • Valid State Id or Passport
  • Must be 18 or older(or be accompanied by a legal guardian)
  • $10 guest fee non refundable(only 1 guest per bidder)
  • $500 CASH deposit per each vehicle to bid or purchase
  • This deposit is fully refundable if no purchase is made
  • If a purchase is made the deposit is applied to the total balance

You have until 1pm on Friday to pay the remaining balance for all purchases.

If payment is not received by this time, then your $500 cash deposit will not be
refunded and the purchase is forfeited

The lot is open for purchases every
9AM to 4PM

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